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Dear W2SZ members,

Welcome home! We are running following events for 2023 Reunion Week. But here’s our update first:

2023 Briefing

In late 2019 the shack did not pass the fire and safety inspection despite the club’s attempt to meet the requirements. As a result, only school employees may enter the shack. While the club advisor Steve was able to save some equipment and instruments. The majority of immobile assets were gone. Antennas and towers, together with the shack, were torn down during the summer of 2022.

As the alternative club location, two rooms in the union were combined (Room 3304) and renovated for use. The initial setup directed by station manager Christian Kegel KC3LXR was undergoing by the time of writing. Yet, no antenna access from the room as there are difficulties running coax from the rooftop. The backup plan is to route cables through the elevator shaft.

Dr. Brian Callahan AD2BA has served as club faculty advisor and station trustee since the summer of 2022. Through his connection with W8EDU, the club has established a nationwide network with other collegiate ham radio clubs for co-organizing events. Also, public relations efforts by Sophia Turnbow KK7OKL have increased club exposure and moderated an online community on Discord.

Through a series of activities, W2SZ managed to attract many new members and converted 10 new licensees by the first month of the semester. New club officers with specialties were elected to form an executive committee (EComm) to manage different aspects of the club.

Action Item

  1. We are compiling The Grand Roster of W2SZ that has name of all W2SZ members (past and present). Not seeing your name? Help us fix it by fill out this form.
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The Mercer XChange - 10/14 12pm-1pm

The Mercer XChange event for Alumni Weekend on Saturday, October 14th at 12 noon-1 p.m.

This is a hybrid event with both in-person (with lunch in JEC 6012) and online participation.


  1. Brief introductions
  2. Mercer XLab renovation in progress!
  3. Mercer XLab student presentation(s)
  4. Open discussions toward knowledge XChange in the future
  5. What would you like to learn from students? What can students learn from your experiences?

W2SZ Tabling - 10/14 2pm-6pm

The program is from 3:30-6pm following the football game. We have a long area of tenting on the pavers along the field house between the track and the side parking lot. Set up begins at 2pm.

Field Operation - Cancelled Due to Weather

This is a special way of home-coming for hams - we plan to operate HF and meet you on the air! Please join us this way if you are not visiting campus this year.

Shack Tour - 10/14 6pm-7pm

The relocated shack in now in the Union 3304. We are planning multiple shack tours. Please stay tuned.