Support the Future of Amateur Radio

Your support is an investment in the future of amateur radio. Join us in this critical mission to inspire and nurture the next generation of hams at RPI through the W2SZ Amateur Radio Club.

The survival and growth of amateur radio are at a critical juncture. Young people are the key to the future of this hobby, and without their involvement, this important part of our technological heritage and future risks fading away.

W2SZ isn’t just another radio club; we are a crucial bridge connecting the vibrant world of amateur radio with the engineering student body at RPI. By exposing students to amateur radio, we ignite a passion for hands-on communication technology, fostering the next generation of enthusiasts and innovators.

Every donation, big or small, will make a difference.

How to Support Our Mission

Whether contributing funds or equipment, we have made the process simple and secure.

Monetary Donations

Your financial contributions are vital. They support our efforts to engage with more students, update our equipment, and create educational programs.

To Donate:

  1. Click here to donate to the Rensselaer Annual Fund.
  2. Please select “Other designation not listed (specify below)” and type “W2SZ Amateur Radio Club” in the box below.

Equipment Donations

Equipment donations, especially for our HT Loaner Program, provide hands-on learning opportunities for new student hams. This program allows students to experiment with HTs before committing to the hobby. Consider donating or lending HTs to support this cause.

To Donate:

  1. Please reach out to our club officers. We will assist with the details and method of delivery.

Recognition for Your Generosity

We value every contribution and ensure that our donors are recognized and appreciated in our community. Donor will receive a Certificate of Appreciation for donations that exceeds $100 or equipment of equivalent value.